New blog! The old one is dead…

Welcome, stranger.

Here’s my new blog (I lost the old one while creating the new site… stupid me).
Like in my previous¬†blog, here is where I’ll post some WIPS and some images that I wouldn’t post in the portfolio section, mainly because in the portfolio section I only post finished projects/images.
If your new in the CG world, maybe you could learn some stuff in here from time to time. If you’re an old CG man like I am and you like to see other artist’s process, then you’ll find something for you here also.

Well, that’s all for now. Take a look at the new portfolio section, leave me a message telling me what you think, poke me on facebook, etc… ¬†Feel free to do whatever you want!

See you soon with some images from the last project I worked on at Chez Eddy.